Redsun Solar Water Heater Installation Method

Solar Water Heater Stand Installation Process as shown in the below pictures.

There are two types of Redsun solar water heater installation, with overhead tank and without overhead tank. The ideal method of solar water heater installation is with an overhead tank.

Redsun solar water heater installation with Over Head Tank

Solar water heater with overhead stand means cold water tank bottom level should be at height of 6 feet from the place of installation of solar water heater so that when we use hot water in bathroom, cold water automatically enters in solar tank from overhead tank. In this type of installation electric back-up with thermostat of 2 to 3 KW can be installed in solar tank for cloudy weather. Although, during rainy season ETC solar gives hot water even if there is partial sun light during day time. We can directly use this temperature hot water for bathing which is between 30 deg to 50 deg.  If its continuously raining during whole day and weather is cold, during such days we will not get hot water next day.

During winter time, hot water temperature varies from 40 deg to 65 deg. which means customer can add almost half a bucket cold water in half bucket solar hot water if hot water temperature is around 60 Deg. C.

Advantage of over head solar water heater installation is solar tank gets automatically filled when one uses hot water at usage point. disadvantage is if there is excessive use of hot water during night time, last 1 to 2 persons of a family taking bath during morning time at around 9 to 10 AM will get cold water as much water is used during previous night.
If already height of 2 to 4 feet is available, then MS angle stand of additional 2 to 3 feet can be made to hold PVC tank specially for solar tank cold water input. Kota stone is put on MS angle stand to give uniform base to PVC tank. In this case, when you switch on Electric motor/ submersible pump to fill cold water, PVC tank gets filled first and then over flow of cold water goes in your main existing cold water tank.

We install solar water heaters with 500 LPD and above capacity strictly with the overhead tank only.

Redsun solar water heater installation without Over Head Tank

Customer has to switch on Electric motor/ submersible pump to fill solar tank daily at around 9 to 10 AM when usage of hot water is completed by all family members. Cold water first of all enters solar tank and over flow from solar tank is given in PVC/ cement concrete cold water tank. Now if customer wants to fill cold water tank during evening at 4 PM, when he starts Electric motor/ submersible pump to fill cold water tank, if  solar tank is completely filled with water, then cold water directly enters cold water tank from overflow pipe.

Advantage of this type of installation is that One gets same temperature hot water without temperature drop. Solar tank gets empty as we draw hot water from it. so filling of cold water in solar tank  is compulsory during morning time. Electric back up can’t be installed in this type of fitting as solar tank get empty slowly when every members use hot water. so there is chance of accident if electric back up is installed in solar tank for  without over head tank solar installations. Disadvantage is solar tank can’t be filled in morning hours if there is power failure. This type of installation is advisable in Gujarat only as power failure is rare here.