Installation of Rooftop Solar Power Plant on Metal Roof

Redsun solar industries has recently installed a 3 KW Residential Rooftop Solar Power Plant on Metal Roof at Jasdan, District Rajkot.

Solar PV modules of 315 Watt capacity with total 10 numbers are installed on metal roof with aluminium structure. Solar PV module installation is done on agriculture warehouse and Inverter is installed inside the residence of Horse with metal roof.

Customer can  use daily 15 KwH Solar power generated from On grid Solar Power Plant during clear sunny days. Hope Appliances installed at customer premises are 1 Air conditioner, 4 fans, 1 submersible pump, 1 Flour mill.

Customer can get payback of investment made in Solar Power Plant within 5 years as 30% subsidy (financial incentive) is provided by Government of India.


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