Price and market of Solar Water Heater

ETC Solar Water Heaters have been widely adopted by people of Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. These Glass tube solar hot water systems have been manufactured and sold in India since year 2008. Initially it had lower acceptance ratio among public due to high cost as technology was new. Gradually, as market demand grew due to Subsidy (Financial Incentive) provided by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) from year 2010, Product cost got lower as penetration of glass tube solar water heaters increased in India.

MNRE also laid down minimum technical requirements to be met by the Empanelled agencies of solar water heaters. Hence Buyers of ETC solar water heaters got a standardised product from any of the Empanelled Channel partners. Also, cost of ETC solar water heater was almost half of the cost of FPC solar water heaters. Additionally, there were two major advantages of ETC solar water heaters:

  1. Lesser maintenance was required in long run in ETC solar water heater compared to frequent maintenance of Flat Plate Collector solar water heaters.
  2. People of Rural India can afford to install ETC solar water heater as it was quite cheaper than FPC solar water heater. Hot water temperature attained in both type of solar water heaters was almost same.

Now almost 11 years have passed since penetration of Glass tube solar water heaters in India. Scenario is that inspite of Subsidy withdrawn in 2014 on this product, it has become popular for hot water necessity among three states of India as price has become very competitive. Customer gets payback of investment made on solar water heater within 2 years even without government financial incentive. Also most parts of India get abundant sunlight throughout the year which helps to heat water naturally in Solar Glass tubes by Thermosyphon principle.

Market Trend in India is such that sales of solar water heaters have increased only in 3 states where solar water heater was popular 10 to 15 years back. Market of solar water heaters have grown by mouth publicity of solar water heater users, hence more reference created in areas where sales of solar water heaters was good earlier. Hence concentration of number of systems installed in that particular areas has increased leading to peak saving of Electricity during Winter time for power DISCOM (Distribution Company) during early morning hours. Use of solar water heaters have eliminated need for Electric or Gas Geysers in Peak Winter morning hours.

Also there is no risk of any accident due to Electric shock or gas leakage by using solar water heaters.

We can firmly say that Solar water heaters reduce Electricity / Gas bill in Winter and On Grid Solar Rooftop systems reduce Electricity Bill in Summer when use of Air Conditioners / Air Coolers is maximum.

When we compare cost effectiveness of solar water heaters and Grid Tied solar Rooftop systems, we can justify that solar water heaters have almost half payback time compared to Solar Rooftop systems.

Moreover, solar water heaters are affordable for all class of people. Even lower middle class in urban and rural areas can easily afford to install solar water heater as its cost is between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 30,000 depending on Liter capacity of system installed.

Enjoy hot water bathing with Sun’s Blessing !!!

ETC solar water heater

ETC Solar water heater photo

Grid Tied Solar Power Plant (Solar Rooftop system installed at a Ashram in Jamnagar District)


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