10 Kw Grid Connected Solar power plant

Installation of 10 Kw Grid Connected solar power plant is a very useful tool for energy saving at Wankaner, District: Morbi.

In this type of concept, solar power by the solar PV modules is used by electrical appliances on priority basis. At a time if there is shortage of power during use of electrical appliances, then balance power is automatically drawn from the Grid Supply. In short, if total load consumption at present is 18 Kw and solar power generation is 8 Kw, then balance 10 kW will be automatically drawn from the Grid.

Vice versa, unused solar power is fed to grid automatically.

Most importantly, if there is grid failure, then within a fraction of second, solar power flowing to the electrical load via solar inverter also stops. When Grid supply is resumed, solar inverter automatically starts functioning.

Average 50 to 60 KWH (electric units) are generated per day, thus giving payback of investment made within 5 to 6 years.

Moreover, there is least maintenance for this type of system, only care is to be taken for regular dust cleaning on the toughened glass of Solar PV modules.

Solar PV modules have average life of 25 years.


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