Hot water piping Blunders second example

We had installed a 200 litres per day solar water heater at a home in Rajkot. Customer had a problem of water flowing out of air vent pipe continuously when the mono-block pump is turned on.
Customer directly called his plumber due to the reason that water was continuously flowing out of air vent pipe as customer had replaced the mono-block pump for lifting cold water from ground to terrace. Customer didn’t realize that company should be informed about this problem. Plumber put a reverse non return valve in the air vent pipe to stop water flowing out of air pipe. Water stopped coming out of air vent pipe suddenly, but after a few hours, solar glass tubes suddenly blasted and were thrown in pieces.

On our site visit we came to know that the reason for this mishap was the fitting of reverse non return valve in the air vent pipe, which made air blockage in solar tank. The result was that the air pressure built up in solar tank was diverted to solar tubes and tubes blasted like a bomb.

Hence utmost care should be taken that air vent provided is not blocked by any obstructive material in solar tank while hot water plumbing.

Issued in interest of public safety by Redsun Solar Family.

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