Hot/Cold water piping Blunders

Generally Installation of solar water heaters should be done by Trained Technician of company or authorized Dealer. After solar water heater is installed successfully, its hot water piping from solar water heaters to bathroom or usage point and cold water piping from cold water tank to solar tank should be done by trained or experienced plumber only.

We have noticed one case of hot/cold water piping blunders at Dabhoi, near Vadodara where customer insisted for pluming to be done by his regular plumber. Solar water heater was supplied and Installation was done by our dealer.

Hot/cold water piping was done by customers’s plumber on second day of installation. Customer and dealer were shocked to see condition of solar water heater on the same day of hot cold water piping. 300 Litres Per Day (LPD) ETC solar water heater blasted like a bomb breaking all 30 solar glass tubes and solar tank was thrown away from its Stand back 10 feet on same terrace. Pieces of solar glass tubes were thrown 30 feet far in nearby agricultural farm.

This all happened as the plumber forgot to keep an air vent in the upper nipple of solar water heater tank. He tied an end cap on the upper nipple of the solar tank making air blockage in solar tank. Hence solar tank was thrown like a ball and all 30 glass tubes broken.

Hence utmost care should be taken that air vent is provided in solar tank while hot / cold water plumbing.

Issued in interest of public safety by Redsun Solar Family.

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