Subsidy available on Solar pumps

Indian farmers !!! Triumph !!!!

Now no need of diesel or electricity to run the agricultural pump in farm as SOLAR PUMP has arrived with benefit of SUBSIDY and Bank Loan. In Saurashtra region of Gujarat, Saurashtra Gramin Bank and The Rajkot District Co-operative Bank Ltd. is providing BANK LOAN on solar pumps.

NABARD subsidy available on solar water pumping system for Irrigation purpose in India.

MNRE proposes for Install 30,000 solar pump sets under this scheme for agriculture purpose.

Solar pump can be operated during day time with water output of 42,000 Liters per day to 2,64,000 Liters per day.

Solar PV module has a life span of average 25 to 30 years.



Saurashtra Gramin Bank – SPV pump circular

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