NO SUBSIDY on Solar water heaters from 1st October 2014 in India

Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) has stopped subsidy provided on solar water heaters in India from 1st October 2014. Subsidy was provided by MNRE to customers of solar water heaters under Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission (JNNSM). It was compulsory for channel partners (manufacturers) registered with MNRE to sell solar water heaters to customers after deducting subsidy. Then after manufacturer used to claim subsidy of solar water heater from MNRE for systems installed in field.
Customers should be aware that now No subsidy is being provided by MNRE, if some Supplier/ Manufacturer is fooling customers that they offer subsidy after 1st October then I can suggest one method to customers to catch this type of false Supplier/Manufacturer.

For Example, if customers orders 1 no. of 200 Litres Per Day (LPD) ETC (vacuum glass tube) solar water heater to a supplier, billing for this ETC solar system under subsidy will be as below:
Total cost of the system: Rs. 30,000 with VAT.
Subsidy: Rs. 8364
Customer Payment: Rs. 21636.

Invoice should be made of customer payment + subsidy = Total cost of system.

If supplier issues invoice of Customer Payment amount (i.e. for example Rs. 21636) without adding subsidy amount to customer, then its clear that he is just fooling customer of subsidy scheme to take Order of solar water heater.
This point must be noted by all customers.

Warranty Card Clauses:

Its advisable for customers to demand Warranty Card and Original Invoice from supplier for their safety as if there is some fault with the solar water heater installed at their premises, its possible that Supplier may not stand by VERBAL WARRANTIES. Customer should also properly read the terms and conditions mentioned in Warranty Card as some Suppliers/ Manufacturers give 7 to 8 years warranties based on many *Conditions Apply* tags wherein it is always difficult for customer to get proper service as many conditions mentioned in warranty card not at all favour customer.

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