Solar Home Light installed at residence

Its a party time for us and user of solar home light since last 10 years as we replaced 2 batteries after 8 years and 1 tubular battery of Exide is still working in the set of three battery provided with the 222 watt solar Photo Voltaic modules in year 2005. Total 3 tubular batteries each of 12 volt, 75 Ampere hour were installed at this location.

Mr. Kiranbhai Kikani is the proud owner of this solar lighting systems running 10 DC lights each of 9 W and 2 DC table fans of Remi make. Customer uses DC fan for whole night and DC lights are operated for nearly 10 hours per day.

This set of solar home lights was installed at “Mitra Krupa” house, Godown Road, Rajkot when Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA) – ¬†Gandhinagar provided 40% subsidy under state government solar incentive programme.

Mr. Kikani got pay back of investment only within 4 years and he is very much satisfied with our excellent after sales service that he gave our reference to his group to enhance our solar business.

Contact details of Shri Kinani: 0281-2467013.

We are committed to strive Solar Energy towards excellence.




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