Tremendous Energy Saving from Solar Water heater in Chilly Winter

There are a range of opportunities to make energy saving improvements at home. Whether you’ve already implemented solutions or are yet to consider the options available like RedSun Solar Water Heater.

A borosilicate Glass Tube ETC REDSUN Solar Water heater of 150 Litres Per Day (LPD) saves approximately Rs. 11000 per year by heating water from sun’s heat. Amazingly user gets payback of investment made only within 2 years.

Solar water heaters are the most successful and user friendly product in whole range of renewable energy devices compared to solar Photo voltaic (solar lighting) products.

A family of 3 to 4 members can easily take bath in morning time from the water heated by solar geyser. Also the temperature of hot water is enough to give satisfaction to user of hot water that no external source of energy is required almost all year round in most parts of India.

This is the case of domestic hot water usage. Similarly, hotels, restaurants, lodges, hospitals, canteens, old age homes, prisons, industries can use hot water from Solar Geyser during Chilly days of winter season. Institutional solar water heaters of bigger capacities give payback of investment in just 1.5 to 2 years.

Energy Saving by Using RedSun Solar Water Heater

The major difference between solar water heater and solar lighting products is that solar water heater saves #ENERGY (electricity, gas, kerosene, wood) while solar Photo voltaic (solar lighting) products generate electricity (energy).

In a country blessed with abundant sunlight like India, hot water users can blindly install one solar water heater at their home and see miracle of energy saving practically.

There is no need of any Government Incentive for purchasing this hot successful product for hot water usage.

Only thing Buyer needs to take care is compare quality of various manufacturers of solar water heater and past track record of after sales service of supplier, and take a smart decision to adopt renewable energy.


Tremendous Energy Saving from Solar Water heater in Chilly Winter

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