Beware of Inferior Quality Imported Chinese solar water heaters

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has set standard specifications (minimum technical requirements) for manufacture of solar water heaters in India.

Right now, as there is no subsidy on solar water heaters, many chinese make solar water heaters of very inferior quality are thrown in Indian market and customers are lured to purchase these cheap products by some importers. Customers should be very careful that these low quality solar water heaters are going to result in solar tank leakages in Indian conditions, which are not repairable as we have observed in our experience of 11 years in solar field. These low cost solar water heaters are going to be costlier to customers as users will be compelled to replace these solar systems only within 2 years.

solar water heater of inferior quality will have minimum durability of 1 to 2 years, problem which might occur in solar storage tank will be after these period. But in the mean time, supplier of these low quality solar water heaters might change his business and might stop selling solar water heaters after earning short time profit and fooling customers.

Presently, customers feel that solar means solar may of any make or any company. Customer thinks that he is gaining good benefit by purchasing solar water heater at low cost, but when some problem in solar tank occurs and customer didn’t get any solution to his problem, he might feel the reality that he was being fooled by supplier for quality of solar system and fake warranty conditions.

I strongly advise customers to make smart decisions while purchase of solar water heaters in Indian market. Think twice before finalizing a deal.

Issued in Public Interest by Redsun Solar Industries.


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