Redsun Solar participate in Jamnagar Tech-Fest 2016

Redsun Solar Industries participated in the Technical Expo organized by the GIDC  plot and shed holders association (Dared) named Jamnagar Tech-Fest 2016  from 22nd to 25th January at Dared GIDC ground, Jamnagar.

This  type of expo was organized for the first time in Jamnagar. But the arrangement was very good and we received a good response from the visitors of Jamnagar Tech-Fest.

Brass part is the core business of Jamnagar city, hence most of the stall holders were brass part manufacturing units.

We tried to promote the concept of the Roof top solar power plant for industrial sector under the New Solar Power Policy 2015 of the Government of Gujarat. By installing Roof top solar power plant, industries can get 80% Accelerated Depreciation in Income Tax and also rebate @ Rs. 2.80 approx. per KWh (unit) of the unused solar power exported to the Grid (PGVCL/MGVCL/DGVCL/UGVCL). Industries can get payback of the investment made in Roof top solar power plant within 5 years. Rebate of the solar power exported to Grid was not offered before the introduction of the New Solar Power Policy 2015.

Average Life span of Solar Photo Voltaic modules installed in this type of Roof top solar power plant is 25 years.



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