Domestic Solar Water Heating System – 200 Litres Per Day

We are enjoying installation of 200 Litres Per Day Domestic Solar Water Heating System at residence of Ashwinbhai Bharvani, Bhagvatipara, Morbi Road, Rajkot during these hot summer days.

Customer has good pre-planning to install Borosilicate Glass Tube solar water heater in summer season as after one month from today, monsoon season will start. If there are good rains, then also customer can get hot water which can be directly used for bathing purpose without adding cold water in it during partly cloudy days. Soon after monsoon, during the onset of winter season, its an exhilarating experience to have bath with hot water from solar water heater in chilly cold days.

Also due to mass production and competition in solar water heater market in Rajkot region, now a days customer gets payback of investment made in solar water heater only within 2.5 years. In Saurashtra region of Gujarat, additional advantage is that due to less humidity all year round, Electric- backup is rarely required to be inserted in solar water heater. We can get satisfactory hot water from solar water heater all year round in Saurashtra region of Gujarat.


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