Subsidy on Solar water heaters discontinued by Government of India

Ministry of New and Renewable Energy discontinued subsidy on solar water heaters on 12th August 2014 vide notification no. 30/11/2012-13 NSM. Subsidy on Solar water heaters was provided by Government of India since last 3 years. Domestic solar water heater market doesn’t require subsidy due to introduction of ETC (Evacuated Tube Collector) Solar water heaters have fast pay back time as compared to Flat Plate Collector (FPC) based solar water heating systems.

Most Parts of India have very good very good sunny days, hence solar water heaters are useful for almost 300 days per years providing very good hot water with minimal investment. Payback of investment made on solar hot water systems is maximum 2 to 3 years. Hotel, hostels, institutes, commercial buildings, hospitals and industries can easily get return of investment made on solar water heaters within 2 years even without Government Incentives.


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