Price of solar water heater

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Human behaviour compels us to take calculator when it comes to invest on Renewable energy products!!! Generally this calculation is not done during purchase of luxury and leisure items like cell phone, car, electronic gadgets, etc.

By the way, when it comes to find option of hot water from electric or gas geyser, solar water heater is the best option for a country like India blessed with abundant sunlight.

Price of solar water heaters depend on the capacity of solar water heater to be installed. This capacity of solar water heater is measured in Litres Per Day (LPD). In rural areas of Gujarat where there are 3 to 4 family members 150 LPD solar water heater is the fast selling model. In urban areas, for a family of 4 to 6 family members and 3 to 4 bathrooms 250 LPD or 300 LPD solar water heater is sufficient. Water which gets heated during day time using sun rays is stored in the solar insulated tank for whole night and we can use this hot water next day morning.

Budgetary Price of 300 LPD solar water heater is around Rs. 32000 and 150 LPD solar price is around Rs. 18000.  Price depends on the quality of solar water heater, after sales service of the supplier/ dealer, building height and location of solar water heater installation. Hence price is variable depending on these factors. Moreover, Pipe material and plumbing labour will add price in old house where hot water pipeline is not installed from terrace to the bathroom (usage point). Builders and house owners already install CPVC hot water pipeline from terrace to bathrooms at the time of construction of new house  which are constructed in last 10 years.

Customers must not only compare price of solar water heaters, but also compare the experience of the manufacturer / supplier / dealer, after sales service track record and quality of the product. Now a days verbal warranties are given on solar water heaters and some suppliers sell solar water heaters without invoices to end users. Customers may be trapped in these type of negative marketing gimmicks and it may happen that they don’t get proper response when any problem occurs in solar water heater in future.




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