On Grid solar inverter

Price variation of on-grid solar power plant from various installers is mostly dependent on the selection of the solar inverter.

Some suppliers/ installers are offering rock bottom rates of solar power plant as they provide low cost and not reliable solar inverters with this on-grid solar power plant.

India is a booming market for solar inverter manufacturers around the world. But reliable and trust worthy manufacturers with good after sales service track record should be chosen for solar inverters.

Solar Inverter is the heart of On-Grid solar power plant. If heart is weak and not healthy, then body will not respond properly for routine activities. Same implies to solar inverter supplied with On-Grid solar power plant. Average life span of standard and reliable make solar inverter is 9 to 12 years.

Below is a glimpse of Kaco make solar inverters installed by us at Government Polytechnic, Rajkot.

IMG_20160504_163812 IMG_20160614_171247

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