ETC Solar Water Heater with Manifold

ETC solar water heater with Manifold are very successful in the hotels, Industries and Hostels where usage of hot water is frequent and quantity of hot water required is more.

Users of solar water heaters are quite aware of the BIS approved copper collectors used for heating the water in solar water heaters. This was the old technology for heating water using sun rays.

But after arrival and more usage of Evacuated Borosilicate Glass tubes in market, cost of the solar water heaters went down drastically. This ETC solar water heaters became very popular in areas of hard water as customer and supplier both had less headache of frequent servicing of ETC solar water heater compared to Flat Plate Collector (FPC) based systems.

Also,User gets the same temperature of hot water in ETC solar water heaters as he got in FPC solar water heaters.

For Example, in 500 LPD FPC solar water heaters, as per standard installation procedures, 4 no. of BIS approved copper collectors are supplied and the size of each copper collector is 2 metre length and 1 metre breadth making total of 2 square meter collector absorber area for ONE copper collector and total absorber area of 8 square meter for whole system, while in ETC solar water heaters with manifold systems 50 Number of solar tubes of dimension OD: 58 mm and Length : 1800 mm are used which makes total of 8.2 square meter collector absorber area.

Hence, customer who purchases ETC solar water heater with manifold gets perfect hot water temperature as compared to Solar Direct Tube ETC solar water heater.

Direct tube solar water heaters manufactured by various manufacturers have collector absorber area ranging from 6.12 square meter to 6.8 square meter depending on the number of solar tubes supplied its dimension.



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