Marketing of solar water heaters

We believe Marketing of solar water heaters is necessary for effective penetration of this most successful products in residential duplexes and apartments.

Most dry areas where market of solar water heater is less need to be focused by aggressive live demonstration, newspapers advertisements, road shows and advertisement through electronic media. Especially in India, Government should bear expenses incurred for these advertisement campaigns or recruit more staff for this purpose to encourage people to adopt solar water heaters as our country is blessed with abundant sunlight throughout the year. I insist this as now No Subsidy is available on solar water heaters in India. Either way, Government can spend some fund on promotion of solar water heaters in areas where solar water heaters are sold and also in dry areas where this products needs more penetration and attention from local public.

Case studies of users of solar water heaters since last 5 or more years can be shown to people who are not using this product so that people are encouraged to adopt this successful technology.

Moreover, in present competitive environment, user of solar water heaters receives payback of investment within 2.5 years compared to geysers.

We as a Redsun Company promote marketing of solar water heaters by supporting our dealers by participating  in Exhibitions and events held at their city/ town.


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