Solar glass tube

Solar water heaters presently available in Indian market comprise of a solar insulated tank, its supporting stand and solar glass tubes.

Solar water heater with 200 Litres Per Day Capacity generally has 20 number of solar glass tubes for heating water during day time. These solar glass tubes are made up of Boro silicate glass material with outer tube as transparent and inner tube with black / blue selective coating. Presently this tube has dimension with Length of solar tube as 1800 mm and Outer Diameter 58 mm and Inner Diameter 47 mm. Gap between inner and outer solar tube is evacuated with bottom part of tube fused together and upper Open part of solar tube is inserted in the solar tank for circulation of water from solar tank to solar tube and back from solar tube to solar tank using Thermosyphon principle.

Packing of the solar evacuated glass tube is done with pieces of thermocol and outside with Corrugated sheet box.  Each box of solar tube contains 10 numbers, 12 numbers or 15 number of tubes packed with thermocol sheets. But utmost care has to be taken during transportation of solar tubes and during the lifting of solar tube box to terrace at the site of solar water heater installation.

If solar tubes are sent by transport vehicle with other goods (material) loaded in that vehicle, then special instruction has to be given to the transporter for proper handling of solar tube boxes, otherwise there are major chances of solar tube breakage during transit or during loading and unloading of solar tubes.  Also, if the transporter has a crossing of material in between the Place of Loading and Place of Delivery then there are sure chances of damage to solar tubes while shifting of material from one vehicle to another vehicle.

Its advisable for the manufacturer and dealer to load solar tube and other solar water heater material in Special vehicle for safe delivery of solar tubes and other accessories.

sample snaps of solar tube box below:



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