How to heat water free of cost for Hostel students

One might be surprised by reading the heading of this post and thinking is it possible to heat water free of cost for Hostel students? But its true if hostel is using solar water heater to heat water daily free of cost!!!

We can use Sun Rays available free of cost to heat water in solar glass tubes of solar water heater during day time and store the hot water in the insulated solar tank during whole night so that hot water can be utilised to provide hot water to students next morning. Water is heated upto 60 Degree Celcius by solar energy in such a way that students can enjoy bath experience by mixing cold water in the hot water available from the solar water heater.

Hostel authorities can provide hot water taps outside the bathrooms hostel so that students don’t waste hot water. Students have to compulsorily fill the hot water bucket outside the bathroom and enter the bathroom with bucket filled with hot water. This method of hot water tap fitting will ensure that hot water is not wasted by students. If hot water taps are directly fitted inside the bathrooms along with the cold water taps, then hot water will be used excessively by the students for which solar water heater capacity has to be increased to get sufficient hot water.

We have observed that if hostel or hotel authorities prefer to install a solar water heater, they will recover the investment done on solar water heater within 2 years for ETC solar water heaters. No external means for water heating is required if solar water heater of sufficient capacity is installed with respect to the maximum number of users of hot water.

We recently installed 4000 Litres Per Day Solar Water Heater for 300 students hostel at Talala Gir, Near Veraval (Somnath).

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