Supporting Stand of solar water heater

Utmost care has to be taken while designing the supporting stand of ETC solar water heater. If the stand is weak in design or strength, there is possibility of damage to complete solar water heating system during strong wind velocities/ hurricane.

I had come to notice at one of the 150 Litres Per Day solar water heater site of a reputed brand with observation that just breakage of a single nut-bolt of the cross section angle installed in the support stand resulted in the total collapse of solar tank from top of solar support stand to terrace resulting in breakage of all 15 no. of glass tubes.

Mild steel or Galvanized Iron stand is ideal for support stand of solar water heater. Generally, we supply powder coated GI stand (GI sheet make: Essar or Jindal) with thickness of 1.5 mm for support stand of solar tanks.

Moreover, the thickness of bottom support of solar supporting stand is 3 mm to protect solar support stand if excess rain water is accumulated on terrace where the solar stand is installed.

Snap of solar support stand attached.



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