BIS approved ETC solar water heaters

BIS standards are defined for ETC solar water heaters.
As discussed in last MNRE meeting, most of Solar Thermal Federation of India members had pressed for prescribing BIS standards for ETC systems. While some manufacturers rather suppliers had opposed for defining of BIS standards for ETC solar water heaters.
Right now, scenario since last one and half year is that ETC market has moved towards no quality control of the systems supplied. The same situation where inferior quality and under specification material was supplied in government projects of solar street lights since last 5 years. Basic aim of govt. for public awareness of solar lighting systems especially in rural areas was ruined as most of the solar lights installed remained non-functional within 2 years. This product has failed in market.
This same thing is going to happen  where solar water heaters of inferior quality are supplied. Product will lose user’s confidence and result in negative mouth publicity.
My point is not to limit competition with pricing from China, but to limit the supply of low quality  ETC systems may be it from China or from Indian manufacturers. MNRE should pitch for strict implementation of BIS standards. If this is not the case, then why Solar PV modules matching IEC standards are stressed upon by MNRE and in govt. tenders?
Quality conscious customers must get the right product delivered. Supply of standardized ETC solar water heaters will help the manufacturers to get repeat orders of satisfied customers.

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