Redsun Solar presence in Agri Expo at Bhuj

Redsun Solar Industries actively participated in the Agriculture Expo organised by National Research and Management Institute, Bhuj in month of February 2017.

Our dealer Shri Umiya Tradelink at Bhuj lively demonstrated the use of Fence Guard from Monex for protection of agriculture crops from animals like Pig, Wild Ass and other miscreants. Dealer is working with our company since last Five years and he also encouraged visitors to adopt solar water heater to get free hot water with sunlight.

Solar water heater market in Kutchh is good due to product awareness campaigns from various suppliers of solar water heaters. Users also get perfect result of hot water due to dry weather of Kutchh, also chilly winter helps to add boost in sales of solar water heaters in Kutchh area. Gandhidham also has good market potential for solar water heaters. ETC solar water heaters are ideal for some areas of Kutch compared to Flat Plate Collector (FPC) based solar water heaters as hardness of water is more than the permissible limit in these areas.


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