REDSUN solar water heater at Community Center Lonavala

Community Center is a common amenities center built for the benefit of the whole community where facility is provided for the tourists for Accommodation at economical rates compared to luxurious hotel. This type of community centers are beneficial to the common public of particular community saving huge amount of money in the long run. REDSUN solar water heaters with ETC glass tube technology were installed by us at one of the Community Center at Lonavala.

This project includes 4000 Litres Per Day (LPD) REDSUN ETC solar water heaters wherein 500 LPD X 8 Number of systems are installed in cascade providing hot water to 100 persons per day. Installation of solar water heaters is done in cascade mode wherein hot water from First solar tank is fed to the Second Solar tank, then Hot water from Second solar tank is fed to the Third Solar tank, and finally Hot water from Eighth Solar tank is fed to Bath Room (hot water usage points).

Usage of REDSUN solar water heating system in this Community Center will help in saving of 45000 KwH (units) of Electricity Per Year indirectly saving Rs. 3,25,000 per annum. This clearly indicates that investment made by the institute will be recovered in just 1.5 years compared to Electric Geysers and within 2 years in comparison with Gas Geysers.

REDSUN ETC Solar Water Heaters when installed in Community Buildings or in Residential Apartments are very economical as the Return on Investment is recovered within 2 years.

In order to generated 45000 KWh from On Grid Solar Power Plant, it is necessary to install 30 KW On Grid Solar Power Plant with estimated investment of Indian Rs. 21 Lacs. Hence if water is to be heated by Renewable energy Sources then Solar Water Heaters is the best option available for a country like India blessed with abundant sunlight.


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