How will Solar Water Heater get damaged?

In this article we will understand how a solar water heater can be damaged due to improper plumbing or improper solar water heater installation by an untrained plumber.

I have come across nearly 5 cases in my Solar Career where solar water heater got damaged due to improper solar water heater installation or defective plumbing work by an untrained plumber.

Two to three cases have come to notice from improper installation of solar tank and solar tube stand. In 2 cases, untrained plumber or solar technician had not installed the cross section angle in the solar tank stand, due to this reason when water was filled up in solar tank for first time after solar water heater installation, as weight in solar tank increased, it collapsed suddenly due to absence of cross section angle support. This resulted in damage of solar stand and breakage of all solar tubes installed in 150 Litres and 300 Litres solar water heaters.

Hence, its utmost important to get solar water heater installed from a trained solar technician so that such types of damages can be avoided.

In cases of serious negligence from untrained Plumber, I had come across 2 cases during my solar career where Foolish Plumber had not installed AIR VENT pipe in non-pressurized solar water heater tank and done hot and cold water piping from the Solar Tank. Due to this Piping Blunder, when water gets heated in solar tank, Air developed in Solar Tank can’t escape out due to absence of Air Vent pipe. This results in developing tremendous pressure inside solar tank, which in turn is diverted to solar tubes and #evacuated #solar #glass #tubes blast like a Bomb and all tubes break suddenly. Broken small pieces of Glass are thrown away like rocket by upto 30 feet. Solar tank is also thrown down backwards from the solar stand. These type of 2 cases were noticed by me for 300 Litres solar tank one at Vadodara and other at Gondal. Such type of accidents can lead to serious damage to Customer’s property or damage to human life as in One case 300 Litre solar tank with average weight of 95 Kg. and length of 100 inch was thrown down on ground floor parking from terrace of 3 storey residential house. But luckily no damage to human life was reported at this site.

Hence, Solar water heater dealers and customers should always use service of trained Solar Technicians / Experienced Plumbers for installation of solar water heaters and its hot / cold water piping.

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  1. I have a 20-year-old terrace solar water heater installed in my Apartment. From only the last two years or so, occasionally water sprays out from the top of the air vent pipe causing the surface around it slippery. The vent pipe is about 1 ft above the top of the main water tank; Is it possible to increase its height by another 2 feet or so to prevent this happening or shorten the air vent pipe and lead it downwards to the nearest down take pipe?
    I cannot buy a new system but have to use the present one as long as possible and then scrap it.
    I will be looking forward to your response.
    With Regards,


    Is there any specific caution with regard to mixing hot water and cold water in the bath room ? People say mixing will make the solar tubes burst, is it true ?

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