Warranty of Solar Photo Voltaic Modules – Solar Panel

We come across a strange example of mishandling of solar Photo Voltaic Module- Solar Module make TATA-BP supplied by us in year 2005 to a residence in Rajkot.

This happened during the renovation work was in progress at the terrace of the house. The labourer strongly pulled the cable attached to junction box of the solar PV module, resulting in removal of the junction box attached on back side of the solar panel. Hanging junction box can be seen in the snap below. Customer is lucky that connectivity of junction box to the solar cells in the solar panel was not disturbed. The power output from the solar panel was upto the mark.

Utmost care has to be taken when solar PV modules are to be shifted. Customer should priorly inform the manufacturer or supplier if any technical help is required before taking any action or any decision himself. Most of the genuine solar PV module manufacturers stick a tag of necessary instructions to be followed on back side of the solar PV module. Generally damage done to solar PV modules due to this type of mishandling are not covered under warranty terms.

Also dust cleaning on Solar PV modules at regular intervals helps to get maximum efficiency from Solar PV modules.



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